Tuesday, June 8, 2010

When Midnight Madness starts to get to you...

One of my all time favorite movies growing up was the Disney produced all-night scavenger hunt comedy Midnight Madness. Teams from a local college descend upon L.A. tracking clue after clue in Leon's game--there's the heroic yellow team led by An American Werewolf In London's David Naughton (with Michael J. Fox in tow, in his first big screen appearance); the evil Blue team, following the orders of a spoiled lazy rich kid (Animal House's Stephen Furst); the Red all-ladies team with identical giggling twins; the Green jock squad nicknamed the Meat Machine; and the nerdy white team with Eddie Deezen (Grease and 1941). It also features Paul Reubens as a pre-Pee Wee video arcade employee. I've probably seen it twenty or thirty times...and I simply adore the disco theme song. So much that...yes...I've done an all-vocal cover of it.

Here it is...in all it's cheeseball glory!

All Vocal Cover by Cole Stratton


  1. And now another movie Netflixed because of you.

  2. I would like to annul my marriage and then remarry just so that I can walk down the aisle to this.

    You have a very specific and fabulous genius ~ thanks for doing this and not keeping it locked away.

  3. Now will be stuck in my head all day. Well done.

  4. You had me at David Naughton sir! As always you dig into my youth, dust off a memory even Prof Jones couldn't have unearthed and have me laughing as a mix of pop rocks and coke is coming out of my nose! Now off to find an old Dr Pepper commercial.

    Well Done Cole!

  5. I love this movie, but you have far, far outloved it, where my love looks puny and withered compared to your love.

    I was thinking how there should more movies like this. I had the hankering for watching it very recently. Or National Treasure. *Something* with hunting for stuff.

    Have you heard of Geocaching? I have been meaning to try, haven't done yet. Seems to be a nice Midnight Madness kind of thing.

  6. This movie is genius, GENIUS, I tell you. Loved it in my youth, love it now. Just watched it again last night. Congratulations on your excellent taste.