Friday, August 27, 2010

A change is coming! New home at!

To my faithful Riverbottom Nightmare Blog readers,

Things are changing, but for the better! I've finally gone and made my own! It's a good hub for all my projectes, live shows, dumb audio covers and silly photoshop projects--and it will also be the new home of this blog! So please head on over to the new website and take a look around!


  1. Ah, so many fond memories on this ol' Riverbottom blogspot. The new site is excellent though. Onward, Mr. Stratton.

  2. What a nice blog. I found it through google suddenly. I have a blog too but not like this one.

  3. Ur blog on blogspot which is good, but your new web site also very good! More pictures... Apparently it about music? Cool...
    I like The Rolling Stones, but your podcast collections are also great!

  4. Thanks i like your blog very much , i come back most days to find new posts like this.

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