Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pingu! Yes, please!

The Swiss know how to do a couple of things really well--the production of multi-pronged utility knives, fondue, neutrality and...claymation urination. Don't believe me? Check out this episode of Pingu, an animated "children's" show that follows a family of penguins at the South Pole. Heck, David Hasselhoff likes the show so much, he recorded a hit single in 1989 entitled "Pingu Dance." This particular edition has it all--family squabbles, fish as currency, and, most importantly, youthful penguins on a whisky bender. And best of all, the penguins speak in Penguinese, a complex series of honks and gibberish that would make Sigur Ros proud. I believe Pingu himself says it best: "Antagligen !)#U("#/"(!/&!"

1 comment:

  1. that penguin really had to go! poor kid. did you notice how the only visable english word in the whole show is, "whatever"? I'm sure there's a comedy gem resting in that revelation somewhere...but i'm too lazy to fish it out.