Thursday, May 7, 2009

Weird Album Cover Art 3: The Search for Slop

Psst...Banarne...don't look at the camera. Stay in the moment...Banarne...Trazan, good work. Keep it up...seriously, Banarne, stop monkeyin'

Is my refrigerator running? I think it...wait a minute...damn you Willie! You and your real phone calls! Drats!

I kept tellin' everyone I had a twelve-inch pianist...

Houston, we have a problem...our ears are far too floppy for space travel.

Let's groove to the off-balance sound of Schuhplattler! Listen to it now...or lederhosen.

I guess that's better than Harpsichord Hallucinations or a Casio Conniption.

No offense, Mrs. Mills, but I don't like to hang out with the lunch lady. Sorry.

Two of the dads defected and started their own show. Those two dads? Greg Evigan and Paul Reiser.

Komm es geht the pre-teen storytelling antics of a soon-to-be arrested man.

Jackpot is right...if you were playing tacky slots.

The earliest American Apparel ad...

Um, Stanley...Harp might not be the best instrument for you. Have you thought about, I dunno, the harmonica or the piccolo?

If only John Candy were around for the biopic!

Awww, crap, Netflix. I meant the Good Fellows with DeNiro and Liotta.

I likes my jihads seexxxxxyyyy...

Dat der a good'n piece a' listenin.' Play dat rekard n' barf.

I WILL get more that 18 followers... I WILL, blogger, I WILL....*sigh*

So...what can I expect on this recording?

FINALLY! A tribute to all those Aussie bands that make rock n' roll great! Let's see...there', there's...let me get back to you on that...


  1. I was a great fan of "Erotic Terrorism"...until I met Marv Albert.

  2. These captions are more hysterical than the covers! Thanks for the laughs. Hopefully you've got more coming!