Monday, February 15, 2010

Weird Album Cover Art V: Assignment Miami Beach

Time for more terrible, disturbing, weird, awful, FANTASTIC album cover art!

Yeah, we doin' hibernating, mutha f@#%&!

No, grandma, I don't know where your doilies went...


I was wondering who fathered the Blue Man Group...

Come backpacking with us! will return

So I found these punk songs in the Crystal Cave. They attacked me, so I broke their arms backward. No good tunes had it comin'.

Hey guys! I've got it! You know how I've always said rock n' roll is an axe-wielding gibbon-headed sumo wrestler atop a hill of skulls avoiding low-flying aircraft? Have I got a sketch for you!

All I need is this ashtray, and this paddle ball, and my's all I need...

Hey you punk kids! This is my album cover! Stop testing your felt-tipped markers on it!

Yeah, you know where this flute is goin'...

E.T. might mean exercising together, but you need to be extra-terrestrial to float like that.

I doubt he'll seymour record sales...

Full title is "Lady's Fancy A Barf Bag."

It's Israel's best improv/prop-comic trio! Comedy Central is gonna put them on it to fill the void left by the Jeff Dunham "show."

No, but you can borrow scissors, a razor and some sleeves...

Yep, nothin' gets the ladies in the mood better than a tightly sung rendition of "Lyda Rose."

Unfortunately, Little David Wilkins ate all the remaining copies of his debut album.

From How Da Grinch Stole Crizz-nas by DJ Sooz!

I'm pretty sure that kid is signing "Please send help."

A fascinating world full of lap-sitting and gift-wishing.

VERY controversial campaign poster for Barbara Boxer.


  1. Yay! I missed these posts. They're always very funny and this one is no exception. Love it.

  2. WOW. There is some nightmare fuel here.