Thursday, June 25, 2009

Now available! RiffTrax Presents "Ghost" with Janet Varney and ME!

RiffTrax Presents
Riffed by Janet Varney and Cole Stratton

Check it out HERE.

For those of you unfamiliar, is a venture helmed by Michael J. Nelson (former head writer and host of Mystery Science Theater 3000) where Nelson and frequent collaborators/former MST3Kers Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett make fun of movies on a downloadable mp3 track. You simply download the track and play it back while synced up to the DVD of the film (which you rent or own yourself) and you've got feature-length comedic commentary! Nelson has also featured guest riffers like Weird Al Yankovic, Fred Willard, Neil Patrick Harris and (as of next week) Joel McHale, and has also commissioned official "RiffTrax Presents" teams for riffs not featuring Nelson but of guests whose work he admires. After having Mike and the guys at SF Sketchfest a couple of times, Janet and I got some work writing for them on the first Harry Potter film, and were then asked to write and perform our first RiffTrax Presents track, which ended up being Dirty Dancing, released last September. After a overwhelmingly positive response, we're back with our second RiffTrax--this time to the Swayze/Moore "classic" Ghost.

Please download it, and enjoy! A longer description of the track:

If messy wet clay and the brothers Righteous are your idea of foreplay, look no further than this Jerry Zucker-directed (yes, THAT Jerry Zucker) surprise smash hit of 1990.

Test your credulity as our beloved Patrick Swayze trades in his dirty dancin' shoes and his blue collar bartending meat hooks to give a turn in the role he was destined to play: an intelligent, educated, high-powered account executive.

Feel his pain when he is prematurely ripped away from Demi Moore while she is upstaged by her own Hobbit haircut.

Drown in misery as you discover that the only way he can communicate with her is through a scenery-gnawing con woman.

But cheer up! You also get to feast your eyes on some of cinema's worst special effects in the form of crudely animated shadow demons.*

Cole Stratton and Janet Varney return for another Swayze classic with Ghost, a movie cloaked in profound questions about the existence of an afterlife, whether the living can communicate with the dead, and how in the world Whoopi Goldberg ended up with an Oscar.

*We are not referring to Tony Goldwyn.

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