Sunday, June 7, 2009

Oh boy oh boy! Fun with movie titles!

Every once in a while, it's good clean fun to sit down and mash some movie titles together. You just need one word in common between the two films to act as a put some together, and give a brief synopsis of what the two films would be if they mated. Make some of your own, and post them in the comments. Have fun!

It's a Wonderful Lifeboat
The floating town of Bedford Falls finds themselves shipwrecked and hanging on for dear life in a rickety lifeboat after Nazi-ish Mr. Potter torpedoes them with unpayable loans. When Potter finds himself aboard the little schooner, it's up to George, Mary and Crazy Uncle Billy to keep the town from throwing the old man to the sharks. As the days pass and water becomes scarce, the townsfolks due their best to survive, eating Zuzu's petals for sustenance. 

No County for Old Men in Black
Retired small town sheriff and FBI agent Tommy Lee Jones finds himself out of the game and unable to remember his previous employment history due to glancing at some red lighted memory wiping thingy. He spends his days driving around in the desert on the trail of a psychotic talking pug with a Prince Valiant haircut. His old FBI partner, whom he doesn't remember, shows up occasionally and says "I make this look gooooood."

Stand By Meatballs
Four friends in the 1950s set out for the summer of a lifetime when they enroll in Camp DeadBody. Pranks, make-out sessions and uncomfortable talks about wasted potential are in store as the boys outrace a train, run from a junkyard dog and beat a free-spirited albino counselor named Ace out of a sombrero full of peanuts. Oh, and many years later, the fat kid somehow becomes super good-looking and marries that Rebecca chick who played Mystique in the X-Men movie. 

Bring it On the Waterfront
A spunky cheerleader named Torrance, who really "coulda been somebody," works hard on the docks after her brother Charley makes her sell-out her cheerleading routine to an inner-city cheer squad. Her chicken must be extra funky and her goose extra loose as she tries to break-free of her dead-end life...only to find herself finishing in second place, beaten and bloodied. 

Freejack The Bear
After losing his wife in a tragic car accident, professional clown and father of two young boys John Leary finds himself the target of time-traveling bounty hunters, who bring him to futuristic 2009 New York City and intend to transplant his mind into that of a terminally-ill billionaire. It's up to his conscience known as Jack the Bear to help him fight off Mick Jagger's incoming lips and get back to his boys in the past.

Dick Tracy Fragments
Comic book crime fighting detective Dick Tracy loses his 9 year old brother Sonny and does his best to cope with the world around him, told through non-linear storytelling, multiple split-screen camera angles, and bright pastel colors. Periodically, Dick dons a shower curtain and his yellow fedora and gives insite into his warped, confused policemind. 

The Karate Kidco
A teenager named Daniel moves to Reseda, CA and befriends a wise old karate master, who teaches the young man a strong work ethic after repeatedly waxing on and waxing off. He quickly catches the entrepreneurial bug and starts a manure company staffed entirely by children. Not everyone loves his business--rival shitco Cobra Kai (whose secret ingredient is known only as "Sweep the Leg Johnny") are quick to take him on and try to ruin him. Does Daniel have what it takes when the shit hits the fan?

Road House of Sand and Fog
Dalton, a tough bouncer for whom pain don't hurt, has his home mistakenly taken from him and auctioned off and sold. Thus begins a series of conflicts with the new owners, an ultra-rich and ultra-tanned bully and a blind steel-guitar playing Iranian immigrant. 

Who Framed Roger Rabbit-Proof Fence
A famous cartoon rabbit is wrongly accused of murder by the Australian government and must go on the run to clear his name. Traveling with three young Aboriginal girls, the rabbit makes a hard trek across the barren outback on foot, fending off starvation, wildlife and barrels of "Dip." Can he puh-puh-puhleeze the po-lice and survive to entertain another day?

In & Outsiders
A high-school drama teacher named Pony Boy is "outed" on national television when a former greaser friend named Dallas says so at the Rumble Awards. It causes quite a stir with all of the socs, who chase him and good friend Johnny around town. Pony Boy comes to terms with his own sexuality, realizing that if he just embraces it, he will stay gold. 

Make your own and leave 'em as comments!


  1. Cape Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

    A druggie journalist and his crazy lawyer go on a road trip from Las Vegas to the North Carolina coast; they are stalked by a homicidal ex-con, who may or may not be a drug-induced hallucination.

  2. The Hangover The Top

    Four friends head out for a wild bachelor party and wind up helping an arm-wrestling truck driver win the championship and also the love of his estranged son.

  3. This was the funniest thing I've read in way too long.

    Good luck to you man, I'll be following on Twitter, Rifftrax.