Thursday, July 2, 2009

Weird Album Cover Art IV: The Voyage Home

Um, guys...the, uh, Travelodge is showing...

ROBERTINO! When I tol' you to ride the ass in the barn I meant the burro! Aye carumba!

Why do I have a feeling they are all about to have a glass of "special Kool-Aid" that will send them into eternal sleep?

Hullo...God? Got room for a white B.B. King look-a-like?


The family that rapes, pillages and plunders together...stays together.

I would imagine that trees would be about the only ones speaking to you at this point, Geraldine.

There's eight guys. Shouldn't it be the Sixteen balls?

And if he keeps singing, maybe it will somehow even out his eyes.

IN THIS CORNER: People who think that a boxing and tooth care concept album is ridiculous. IN THAT CORNER: No one.

...and their chests are slick with all them tears!

Thank you for the music...and these sweet painters jumpsuits.

I believe I requested the side of DENNIS Walter, you know, with two N's. Can you please take this one away?

Ah, Mallet Mischief...or what it's called if you let me at a Whack-A-Mole machine.

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