Monday, April 6, 2009

The amazing, astounding world of album cover art!

Good ol' Heino. I image this must be what a blind date with Andy Warhol would be like.

Satan IS real! And happy to stop for a snap shot with Christ-y crooners The Louvin Brothers.

Tino! Yes, please! This guys got X-factor drippin' off his cajones.

If, like me, you had SUCH a good time at Larz Kristerz' original Stuff Party, you'll be stoked for a chance at seconds. Ain't no party like a Stuff Party!

Reborn as a chameleon Harlequin.

There are no words...

There are PLENTY of words for this. Colonel Sanders' sure can throw a Tijuana Picnic. I mean, it's no Stuff Party, but there's plenty of original recipe and tequila. Ken if I don't ask for him? was delicious!

Yes! Finally! Ventriloquism with a Bible slant! And Ventriloquism SUUUURE is impressive on RECORD.

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  1. That Louvin Brothers album is actually very good.