Thursday, April 23, 2009

Talkin' bout Underoos!

I've always been a big fan of underoos. I mean, as a kid, it made keeping your dangly bits properly stowed FUN! I was always partial to the Spider-Man ones (a fact made clear about ten years back at Halloween, when I went as "Spider-Man Cowboy," in spidey underoos and a cowboy hat and holster...which would have made me in my early '20s when I last wore them). I recently dug up some vintage TV commercials for underoos on you, there's no possible way these would be on TV nowadays. The boys one is hilarious--you can tell a lot about each of the kids just from their individual verses. E.T. kid is an awkward square, probably really into Anne McCaffrey dragonrider novels when he got a little older. G.I. Joe kid seems the bully. He probably stole a lot of chocolate milk and lunch money in his day. Superman kid is dripping with charisma, bet he went on to great things in front of the camera. And the Hulk kid is barely capable of stringing a handful of coherent words together--he probably writes for Family Guy (Zing!)

The yin to the yang of the above spot is the girls underoos spot below. While the boys perform a funky freestyle, these gals are straight-up Broadway, jazz-handin' it to the extreme. The Daisy Dukes are a little disturbing (hey y'all!).

Viva la Underoos!

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  1. just found this in a search.. Hilarious! Do you remember the Superbowl Shuffle? I see a connection in the boy commercial!! Thanks for the laugh!