Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hooray! More Weird Album Cover Art!

I told you Superman needed a dune buggy. Makes a guy feel...complete.

Track listing:
1. Stamp (In the place where you live)
2. Might as well Junk (Mail)
3. This window is currently closedbird
4. American Pie
5. Cut off time (It's 5pm)

Reaching the employers at American Apparel. Hook a hermano up, won't ya?

Zip zap shut your trap if you saying anything disparaging about the freestyling skills of one Mr. Devastatin' Dave. It's hard enough that he has to work his fingers to the bone under the tyrannical turntable--he doesn't need your guff.

Oh sweet! It's the lost Antony and the Johnsons record. Score!

I didn't know Lyle Lovett liked to party it up Ruskie-style...

The power of Christ compels break the shit out of these bricks!

Yes please. I can put it next to my giant wall portrait of Mary Gross.

Great record...with songs chock full of hooks.'ve got to hand it to Jeff,'m clawing at the surface to find...just forget it.

Trust me, you don't want to see his "Penis" album.

This exists! This exists! This exists! Go, tell it on the mountain!

Track listing:
1. Joaquin Phoenix on Letterman
2. David After Dentist
3. Billy Bob Thornton on the radio
4. Anyone on FOX News

He had to leave his Tijuana Picnic early to wrap all that original recipe and get it under the tree in time.

Hey-a Pi-nooo-chio! Les'a do'a album real quick nowa that you'a reaaal boya!

..... ... .. .... ... . . . .. . .......... . . ..... . ...... . .... ... ... ... ... .. ... . .... ... ..... (trust me, that's hilarious).

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  1. Actually the Davy Graham LP is quite good (another case of another guy who should've sued Led Zepplin). The Mary Gross comment nearly made me p*ss myself laughing and the Mike Crain LP reminds me a the karate chopping/zombie fighting vicar in the film "Dead Alive" (best line ("I kick arse for the Lord"). Great blog, keep up the good work!