Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Are you daring enough to take the '80s TV Show Haiku Challenge?

The gauntlet has been thrown!

I dare you, small band of readers, to comment and take place in

The '80s TV Show Haiku Challenge

which combines two of my favorite things--short, syllable-counting Japanese poetry and Reagan-era Boob Toob classics. Just title your haiku after any show from the decade of excess, and follow the simple guidelines of Haiku (a reminder, for those of you who haven't written one since grade school: 5, 7, and 5 syllables per line, also known as "morae"). Here are a few I've composed myself...

Mr. Belvedere:
Fat British Butler
So at odds with Bob Uecker
Oh please say Wesley

The Wonder Years:
Poor Kevin Arnold
So in love with Winnie C
Daniel Stern says so

Jem and the Holograms:
Truly outrageous
But can the Holograms beat
The Evil Misfits?

Married...With Children:
Why must Al always
Have his hand way down his pants
When watching TV?

Kids Incorporated:
It is clear to see
that Fergie was still shitty
while only a child

Perfect Strangers:
Balki does mean well
Cultural Differences
Larry is flustered

Today's Special:
Look! Jodie and Jeff
After hours department store
So Canadian

Double Dare:
Physical challenge
Grab the flag kid grab the flag
Win BMX bike

Growing Pains:
Little Mike Seaver
No one would have thought that you
Would get so Christ-y

Have fun everyone, and be sure to post your Haikus as comments!


  1. Inspector Gadget
    Penny does all the real work
    Go go gadget skis

    Catchiest theme song
    Huey Dewey and Louie
    Duck tales, A woo oo!

    Old chicks are funny
    Rose is dumb, Blanche is a slut
    These girls are golden

  2. Family Matters:

    Cop from Die Hard Film
    Lives next door to a teen nerd
    Yes, he did do that.

  3. alf:

    Melmac lost a son
    weird existential pinings
    wants to eat Lucky

  4. Oh, Pinwheel Pinwheel
    Sesame Street Knock Off
    Spinning a Flacid

  5. damn...

    THE....sesame street knock off

  6. Dallas:
    Kristen shot J.R.
    Pam's sister killed Bobby but
    It was all a dream

    Norm is a fat slob
    Woody is dumb as a stump
    Sam's hair is perfect

    Three's Company:
    Jack is really straight
    Chrissy and Janet are hot
    Ralph Furley's a dope

  7. USA Up All Night

    Gilbert and Rhonda
    Host movies graded below
    Absolute Corman

  8. WKRP

    Andy came to town
    Venus Flytrap hit a gong
    Johnny said booger

  9. A-Team

    Beautiful girl scared
    Faceman still seduces her
    Mr. T fears flight

  10. Silver Spoons:

    Little Rick grew up
    Rail road crossing living room
    Erin Gray: still hot

    Out of This World:

    Half alien girl
    Stopping time with her fingers
    Space dad cube talk thing

    My Secret Identity:

    Doctor Jeffcoate zap
    Voila, flying Jerry O.
    Impressed Rebecca

  11. The Cosby Show:

    Mr. Huxtable
    Those sweaters still blow my mind
    Knit geometry

    Pee Wee's Playhouse:

    Who would have guessed that
    Cowboy Curtis would become
    The wise Morpheus

    Square One:

    Math was so awesome
    When it incorporated
    A Dragnet ripoff