Saturday, March 7, 2009

Let's start a web sensation over German potato salad!

Q: What ties a picnic together perfectly?
A: German potato salad!

I don't believe the above statement at all, but I do believe German potato salad needs more of a definitive web presence. So let's make it happen, people! I'll kick it off with late night Saturday blog post, topped with a scrumptious google-image stock photo of said German potato salad. Then it's in your hands, fellow bloggers of the world wide web--take this opportunity to write a sentence or two about German potato salad, grab a photo and post away--and watch German potato salad light up the internet faster than a California wildfire. It's exciting to think we live in a world where technology has reached a point where those with an unfairly low profile (e.g. German potato salad, Jasmine Guy, or the gal who played Jennifer in the original Back to the Future film) can have it boosted exponentially overnight, thanks to a couple clicks of a mouse. For those of you with camera access, put a little German potato salad on tape, post it on the ol' Youtube and start a viral side dish sensation! So please... let's give German potato salad a much needed shot in the arm.

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