Friday, March 6, 2009

What an alien!

This November 2004 edition of the Weekly World News is a staple on my coffee table. Alien does it again! I love the fact that the story is NOT that there is proof of an alien living among us, but that he has managed to win the battle with 50/50 seven consecutive times. What impressive psychic powers! My favorite thing on this cover has to be the pic of the alien whispering something (my money is on "I've done it again!") into Bush Sr.'s ear, and the fact that all of the pics are of the alien mingling with the politicians in what seem to be very public places. "You read it here first!" Heaven forbid the WWNews get scooped. And what about the 76 election? Did the alien not go with his gut and picked Gerald Ford? 

I feel kind of sorry for the human-bearing chimp. That's truly miraculous and was downgraded to the B cover story in favor of a heavenly being that probably fares well in the march madness office pool. 

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