Wednesday, March 11, 2009

We hate you, Chuck-O: Super Team Manateam Episode 1!

Here is the first (and possibly only) episode of Super Team Manateam, the animated adventures of four manatees endowed with crappy super powers, who do more harm than good as they try to right the wrongs around them. It was written and created by myself and my buddy Chad Meserve, who also did all of the kick-ass animation. With the voice work of...

Gabriel Diani as Thorndike
Cole Stratton as Chuck-O
Chad Meserve as Barnaby and Starfish
Chris Hardwick as Ron

If you find it at all entertaining, please go to you tube and give it a view and a good review. We had it up there a while ago, but the audio was disabled due to an old 60's song we used in a montage segment (now replaced with a crappy song by yours truly). Special thanks to Hard 'n Phirm for the amazing Manateam theme song!

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